About me



Hello! My name is Tomasz Czyba. Also known as Tommy Harevis.

I am passionate, who tries to use music to express my intensively experienced feelings and fascination of life, world and people.

My work is concentrated on instrumental, New Age, relaxation, therapeutic, ethnic and film music.
I specialize in ethnic flutes from many regions of the world that I'm collecting and using during recordings and concerts.

I Compose music based on the emotions and inspirations that comes from poetry, traveling, images and stories. I try to make my music according to the intention. To most tenderly reach the heart of recipient, sometimes in order to pick You up to dance and other times to motivate You to perform courageous actions.

I care about every song, regardless of whether it is a background for animation or sound logo - contains in itself a bit of "magic".

I use my experience of working with people as a Regresing method (R) therapist. I am using my knowledge about technics of working with mind, subconsiousness and regressive state. A large part of my music can be, and is already successfully used by naturotherapists and massage therapists in their offices.

The most important event that had an effect on my work was lonely hitch-hiking journey trough 13 countries with tent and Native American Flute in my backpack. It was almost 10 months long, and during it I was learning music from different teachers and I made my plan to reach one ethnic flute from each country visited.

I have experience of working in radio station as presenter, narrator and sound engineer. I was running the only one in my country authorial broadcast about relaxation, meditative, mantras and New Age music in which in every week I brought closer those artists to the listeners.

On my way I keep meeting representatives of the elders of native american traditions. I keep learning from them and getting through different trainings. In summer 2014 I've been officialy initiated for a "Daykeeper" of Mayan Q'iche tradition from Guatemala.

I invite You to check my offer, buy music albums, instruments and to visit my concerts. Each of Your support helps me to achieve my artistic goals. It is my desire to rise the quality of what I create and make my dreams about far musical journeys real.

Here is video from my meeting with one of the most important people from my creativity point of view. Japaneese music master KITARO (Masanori Takahashi) with owner of Domo Music Group records, Eichi Naito: