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Album "The Four Shamans" is a result of learning and experiencing shamanic path, training, rituals and ceremonies from various Native American traditions. It was created in dedication for peace on our beautiful Mother Earth and for the four directions.

1. Rebirth - 6:51
2. Ancestors - 7:10
3. Colibri - 8:15
4. Dance of the snake - 8:59
5. The Four Shamans - 7:27
6. Primal breath - 8:06
7. Otorongo - Jaguar - 7:42
8. Medicine Woman - 4:55
9. Nani Nani - 5:04
10. Extraterrestial - 4:24
11. Purification - 10:22
Total Time: 79:15

"The Four Shamans" is full of ethnic instruments from all over the world and voices. It was preserved strictly in shamanic style, which means that you will hear only those instruments that are possible to be heard in the jungle. Despite my passion for using also guitars and electronic instruments, I remained only with "natural-shamanic" sounds.

Each song has its own special meaning and story. The listeners will receive it in their own way, and I will share a short tale about the songs in the upcoming interview.

Music of "The Four Shamans" can be used for meditation, personal practices, creating a mood, ceremonies etc. It is free of any fees for public performance, so it can be used in massage studios, during classes, festivals, etc.

Personally this album is very important for me. I've started to create it at the beginning of this year. The recordings were interrupted in April by difficult car accident when I was on the way for a tour around Serbia. Shamanic practices brought me back my health and had a powerful influence on the creation of this music.

It is a vision that has been in my heart for a long time and I am very pleased that i managed to relase it this year and I can already share album with you!

Soon I will tell more about the process of creating album in upcoming interview, and nowi I invite you again very much for ordering and listening.

Special thanks to: Maestro Manuel Rufino, Tata Pedro Cruz, Tito La Rosa.
Whole list of people participating in this recording is featured in the back cover.

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