Egyptian flute – side blown – cosmos


Mystical sounding flute, handmade by me.
– Exotic scale brings listeners to desert atmosphere
– Perfect for meditation, relaxation
– Plays very well with drums

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  • Made out of PLA material (mouthpiece made from corn flour based filament) +PVC.
  • Hand painted with aerograph by talented polish artist. Patterns of cosmos, galaxy, stars.
  • Tuned by me to exotic scale
  • Inspired by creation of flutemaker Erik.
  • Each piece may vary visually as they are all unique. All flutes look similar by pattern. Guaranteed satisfaction! 🙂

Below sound sample of this flute

You can also hear that type of flute in my song “Messenger of the Pyramids” from “Calling of the Black Jaguar” Album:

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Weight 1 kg

Key D

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