Native American Style Flute soprano – key A 440


Native American Style Flute

In the Lakota native language called Šiyótȟaŋka.
This is a wooden straight flute characteristic for the indigenous tribes of North America.

Flutemaker: Lightbringer

An instrument very often used in film, relaxing, shamanic and meditative music. Its sound is pleasant, soft and can be used both for entertainment and for spiritual purposes. The sound of this flute can be used to call, invoke the beneficial forces of nature, animals and qualities that we want to manifest in life.

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The natural scale for this flute is minor pentatonic (5 notes). It is also possible to play other sounds by widening the scale using the sixth hole, which by default is covered by the ring finger (third hole from the top).

This flute is very easy to play and is suitable for both musically experienced and beginners as well as children. The exception are the bass-size flutes, which require a wider finger positioning, which requires practice, similar to reaching for chords on the guitar.

The NASF flute is usually made of wood and its color may vary depending on the type of material. Hard wood usually guarantees a clear, stronger sound, while soft wood (e.g. red Canadian cedar or bamboo) will sound warmer and softer.

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