Overtone flute 7 chakras – Key of A 432 – Medium Size


Overtone flutes are found in many cultures around the world. This is a very simple flute, and you can even say that it is the simplest flute to play in the world. Practically, it only requires that you put it to your mouth and blow into the hole.

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Individual sounds are achieved by regulating the breath pressure. This means that by blowing harder we achieve higher sounds, and by loosening the air pressure we bring out lower sounds. We can achieve additional modulation of sounds by covering and uncovering the end of the flute.

It is a common pastoral instrument that when played loudly can be heard even from the next mountain.

Overtone flute is an instrument recommended for everyone. It can be used to meditate, learn to master your own breath, and even to dance. Learning basic articulations allows for a rhythmic play that accompanies the drums well.

The flute is made of two materials. The body is made of PVC and the mouthpiece is made of certified organic PLA – plastic made of corn flour. This makes the instrument both resistant to temperature, damage and non-toxic to health.

The instrument is hand painted.

Medium size means that the flute will have length between 58cm and 74cm.

You can see and hear more about this flute and how to play it in this video:


Sound presentation:

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