Another great album by Austrian artist Pablo J.
Uplifting compositions, great lyrics in English and German.
Really worth it! 🙂


This album is a musical journey,
dedicated to the awakening of human consciousness.

Lifting the veil.

We create our reality. Unfolding into the miracle that we truly are.
From “impossible“ to “I am possible“.

“Viva la Evolución“ is an inspiring, uplifting story,
an introspective autobiography you can dance to,
told through the medium of music.

1. Sheep´s Lullaby 03:42
2. Say a little Prayer 02:53
3. Dreaming Reality 03:38
4. People from the Stars 03:36
5. Mind-less 04:22
6. Vida! Vida! Vida! 03:26
7. Instant Access 03:12
8. Medizin für die Leid 03:48
9. Human Veil 08:28

Hear you can listen to the sample of artist’s music on YT: