Shamanic Drum Traditional – 40cm


Unique shamanic drum handcrafted in Poland.

Membrane diameter: Ø 16″ | 40cm
Total diameter approx:
16 ” | 41cm
Height approx: 7cm
Weight: 1100g
Material: deer hide, plywood, polypropylene, iron ring, leather
Comes together with a beater made of wooden stick and felt wool
The Drums that you can see here are exemplary, representing a specific size and type of construction.
The ordered drum may differ in colours and motifs on the rim.

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Few words from instrument maker:

Drums that are presented here, are instruments that can serve many purposes, and at the same time are dedicated to self growth, expressing the heart, inner journeys, and spiritual practice in a broad sense of fully embodying Your potential as a Human Being. These drums are a result of 12 years of drum making experience. They are non tunable drums, which means that once the hide is assembled it can not be tuned.

The drums are made with natural row hide which one of the qualities is working with the environment – humidity and temperature, so when very dry and warm the hide becomes very tense and the pitch goes up, and the opposite when humid it will loosen slightly and the sound will go down. In extreme conditions with very high humidity warming the drum by the fire or other heat source may be reacquired. In most cases they are assembled with deer hide sometimes goat is also used.

The hides are obtained in an ethical way and locally, and than all the way prepared in our workshop. Understanding and honoring the animals that gave away their lives (killed not for to obtain the hide, but for meet and hunting) regularly a ritual offering to their spirits is being conducted. Each part and element of the drum is prepared hand made in our workshop.

These drums have a very strong directed vibration – a purposeful sound that to me resonates especially with the heart in a more masculine aspect.

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