Album “Calling of the black jaguar” – MP3


The album “Calling of the Black Jaguar” was created as a result of deep visions experienced once while wandering in the Mayan Jungle. It’s a Black Jaguar call that I heard breaking through brushwood and mud. An inner call, a voice that has something important to say. I invite you from the bottom of my heart, from that moment and from now to hear what it has to say through ethnic instruments.


Track list:

1. Calling of the Black Jaguar – 6:20
2. The claw – 6:07
3. Into the tomb I – 4:22
4. Messenger of the pyramids – 13:13
5. By the light in the night – 7:26
6. Wind ceremony – 7:39
7. Three Realms – 11:50
8. People of one Sun – 3:20

Total time: 60:17

“Calling of the Black Jaguar” is a shamanic music that transports the listener into the jungle, into the desert and not only … Thanks to ethnic instruments from various parts of the world, we can feel one of the teachings: that we are all connected . The combination of musical cultural flavors merges into a whole and creates a coherent story.

This album is a kind of continuation of “The Four Shamans” composed and released a year earlier. Both of these albums sound good in their company, which I strongly recommend to experience.

It is also a kind of introduction to the next album, whose vision has been following me for several years. When the “Call of the Black Jaguar” is heard, the time will come for the next compositions that are just waiting for their moment.

Meanwhile, on this album we will hear special instruments such as: Native American flutes (with a figurine – jaguar head), including a triple flute, an Egyptian bamboo flute stained with cocoa, a Chinese flute made partly of gourd – Hulusi, the Armenian instrument Duduk, the Panpipe, a Cambodian Jaws harp, Hindu rosewood flute, Andean flute “Flauta de los Abuelos” and others …

This music album can have many applications. I recommend listening to it on good headphones and speakers in order to enter into relaxation, play in public in classes that match this type of music, play in public in places that will enrich with a unique mood, for body exercises, improvisation dance, etc.

Music is exempt from fees for public play, so you can easily play it where and how you want. When using this music for your projects, films etc. I am asking only to keep information about me as the author of the music and I encourage you to write about this fact, because I will gladly see how it works with your project.

I would like to thank everyone who made this album possible, especially the tradition teachers who, by leading me on the path of knowledge and understanding, enabled me to contact these values, archetypes and symbols. I am grateful to everyone who supported the crowdfunding fundraising project through the “” portal, thanks to which I could make recordings.

I believe that the album that was created will meet the requirements of the recipients and will go into the world wherever they are ready and willing to hear “The Call of the Black Jaguar”. Thus, I am glad that for another year I can appear on the Polish music scene and provide compositions for this particular genre of music that is still difficult to describe and categorize.

I invite you to buy, listen to the album and share your impressions and feelings with me.