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I would like to invite you to take a journey through the world of ethnic sounds. In our shop you will find original instruments from all over the world, music albums, how-to-play courses and many more… For sure you will find something special for yourself and for a gift 馃檪

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I love to share my passion and transform it into valuable , quality things and events. Check out what I can offer for you as an experienced creator.

    Concert HAREVIS – The sounds of distand lands

    Harevis, using his exotic instruments, takes the audience on a colorful journey to the limits of the imagination. Beyond time and space. From temples hidden in the jungle thickets, the tombs covered in the sands of desert. Rhythms of tribal dances around the fire and echo of meditating monks. Meeting with Harevis stays long in the memory!

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    “Sounds of the world” – Instruments show

    Instruments from various parts of the world. Each of them has its own magic and story to tell. During the show we will hear the exotic sounds of Asia, Native America, Africa and Europe. We will listen to the legends and messages regarding the origin of each instrument.

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    Tales from the journeys with live music.

    Harevis (Tomasz Czyba), traveller and musician will share stories from his meetings with representatives of Tz'utujil tribe, who are recognized as ones of the alive descendents of the great Mayan Civilization.

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Music in my life is not only about instruments, but also all the journeys related to them. Thanks to cooperation with makers around the world we can share with you original ethnic instruments, often brought directly from countries of their cultural origins.

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See my Youtube channel, where you can find how-to-play tutorials, recordings from my concerts and videos from far journeys.

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Reading my articles can help you with playing on ethinic instruments which you can buy in our store.

    How to take care of a Native American Flute?

    Native American Flute, like any instrument, requires to be properly taken care of. A lot depends on the type of wood the flute was made of: Hard wood , high density ( oak, mahogany ) is more resistant to damage and temperature changes, has a clearer and sharper sound. Soft wood and lower density ( […]

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    First Steps with Native American flute (NASF) – 5 steps

    How to start playing the Native American Flute? Assuming you’ve already a purchased Native American Flute in your hands, follow these few hints to get you started well with this instrument: 1. Arranging hands. Suggested hand placement depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Right-handed people usually keep their left hand on top and […]

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    Previous concerts – where we played already?

    In last years we played in many places and for sure with some of you we have already met somewhere live. Below I have wrote a list of some of the archival concerts before 2015 that I can still recall. Have you been at any of them? I will gladly receive invitations to play some […]

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  • Your passion for music inspires me.


  • You just touch my heart with your music.


  • Harevis, you're always welcome to my land Guatemala. Awesome music bro!


  • The music is just beautiful to my ears. Respect.