Album Harevis – “Flute Stories” MP3


A few words from the author:

Working on music for “Flute Stories” I put my whole heart into it. Some of the songs were recorded in the mountains of the Żywiec Beskid Mountains in the middle of a snowy winter. The compositions were most often created at night, when the nature around was going to sleep, and the stars whispered their inspirations from the high. I invite you to take together, a long journey, intuitive dance and close your eyes for an hour with “Flute Stories”. Tomasz Czyba (Harevis).


Publisher’s words:

“(…) The” Flute Stories “project uses ethnic flutes from many lands around the world. Flute stories bring you into the mystical world. We can feel like in a deep forest, jungle, like an elf sitting under a tree playing melodies on a wooden flute, or like a monk walking peacefully along the monastery walls.

You are everywhere where you can only reach on the wings of imagination, fantasy or a flow of memories. You discover distant lands, but then return with joy to earth after such a journey inspired and animated.

The flutes lead through the songs in a blissful way, once joyfully and rhythmically, then nostalgically, mystically, mysteriously or sensually.

The album is extremely interesting and does not leave the listener indifferent.

Drums, flutes, harp, lute, congresses, gongs and other, the richness of ethnic instruments alongside these classical ones makes this record extremely unusual. “