Album “Cosmic Whisper” MP3


“Cosmic Whisper” is an album that was created in cooperation with Marta Łyszkiewicz (Gongs, bowls), Tomasz Czyby (Ethnic Flutes and Guitar), Benedykt Grabowski and Liza Loughnane. Recorded at Windmill lane Recording Studio in Ireland.


It is a musical, instrumental journey through areas of human consciousness from the basis of life on earth – “02.Primal Trust”, to its culmination in space – “08.Crystal Crown”.

The pieces are dedicated to harmonizing the seven main chakras – energy centers in the human body. Their harmonious work helps to improve physical and mental health. Works great as a background music for meditation, massage and learning. Musicians participating in the creation of the album work with sound and its healing properties on a daily basis through therapeutic sessions, concerts and baths in sound.

In the album you will hear instruments: – Venus planetary gong, Fen gongs, Shruti, Tibetan Bowls, Conga Drums, Tuning Forks, “High Spirits Merlin C” Indian Flute, Indian Cedar Flute ‘A’, Indonesian Sueling Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolini Flute, Acoustic Guitar.

Preparation for a sound therapy session using the album “Cosmic Whisper”:

As much as possible, I suggest finding an hour for yourself – preferably at the beginning of the day or before going to bed. Find a comfortable place for you and make sure that nobody disturbs you. You can sit down, cover yourself with a blanket to keep your body warm and still. It is important for the process to remain comfortable and with a straight back. The creators wish a pleasant journey full of good feelings inside.

The Begining of the Journey – 2:41
Primal Trust – 8:12
Sacred Ocean – 7:50
Fire Light – 8:26
Yod Hey Shin Van Hey – 4:54
Blue Light – 5:42
Indigo Vision – 5:32
Crystal Crown – 7:46