How to play frame drums – video course


This course guides you step by step through the basics of playing the frame drum.

It is an invitation to explore the beautiful soundscape of the frame drum
and improve your sense of rhythm.


Frame Drum step-by-step video course
with Sabine Johanna Mader

The main content of this course is:

-Basic techniques for both hands
-Exercises for fluid playing
-Body awareness & relaxation during playing
-Building up a basic rhythm
-How to overcome the fear of mistakes
-Introducing the first ornaments to the basic rhythm
-Playing with Metronome – Practice
Accompany a Song
-Playing along with music
Drumming & Vocal Improvisation

Length: 2 hours and 52 minutes 

The course is downloadable. After purchasing it the download link will be sent to your e-mail.

Course led in English language with additional subtitles. It is easily understandable english with well shown exercises .

If you would like to have it translated to other language, feel free to contact us.

Highly recommended course! 
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Angielski, Polski

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