USB – How to Play Native American Style Flute – Video Course


Video course on Native American flute playing for beginners and intermediate on USB flash drive.


I invite you for 3 hours of learning techniques and philosophy of Native American Style Flute playing.
It’s great for starting your adventure and also to improve your skills if you play already.

The course contains:
– How to choose your flute
– How to take care of your flute
– Breath exercises
– First steps
– Basic scale, legato and staccato techniques
– Simple melodies
– Rhythm
– Vibrato
– Glissando, grace note, runs
– Higher register notes
– Alternative scales
– Mental approach to flute playing and personal stories
– Legend of the flute

Course has been recorded in Guatemala by the lake Atitlan in magical place of “Tikbalya’ – place where the water falls”. Led by Tommy Harevis (Tomasz Czyba), experienced flute player.
It is guided in english(voice) with english subtitles.
Please use the course for your own development, enjoy it and don’t copy it for others. If someone is interested in the course, please bring them to this website. I highly appreciate your trust and honesty. Thank you.

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