About me

Hello! My name is Tomasz Czyba. I am artistically known asTommy Harevis.

I am passionate who tries to use music to express feelings and fascination with life, the world and people.

I concentrate my work on instrumental, relaxing, therapeutic, ethnic and film music. I specialize in ethnic flutes from many cultures around the world, which I collect and use during recordings and concerts.

I compose music based on the feelings and inspirations that come from poetry, travels, images and meetings with extraordinary people. I try to make my music in such way, to reach the recipient’s heart as often as possible, at other times for the purpose of dance, and sometimes to encourage to bold, dynamic action.

I make sure that each song contains a bit of “magic”.

I use the experience of meditation in my approach to music. I know techniques for working with the mind, breath, subconscious mind and regressive state. A large part of my music can be and is already successfully used by naturotherapists and masseurs in offices.

The most important event that influenced my work was the lonely hitchhiking trip I made through 13 countries with a tent and a Native American Flute in my backpack. It lasted nearly 10 months, and during it I learned music by playing on the streets and I came out with the idea to get one ethnic flute from each visited country.

I have experience in working in a radio studio as a presenter, lector and sound engineer. At that time, I hosted the only author’s program in Poland with relaxing, meditative music, the New Age genre and mantras, in which I familiarized listeners with performers of these niche genres every week.

On my way I constantly meet representatives of the elders of Native traditions. I still learn from them and undergo various trainings. In the summer of 2014 I was initiated to work with “Sacred Fire” according to the tradition of the Mayan tribe Tz’utujil from Guatemala.

Tito La Rosa is an important music teacher for me, whom I thank for all the knowledge he shares.

I regularly travel around the world to gain inspiration, which later turns into music on records and at concerts.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with my offer, purchase records, instruments and visit concerts. Each of your purchases supports my work and helps me achieve my artistic goals. I would like to constantly improve the quality of what I create and make my dreams about next distant journeys filled with music come true.

I use music to express my feelings and fascination with life, the world and people
Tommy Harevis Podróże
I combine travel with finding new music sounds.
Tommy Harevis concerts
Magic – Music – Wisdom. Inherent elements of my concerts.