Album Odin & Harevis – Maltiox Project “The 20 Mayan Naguales” – MP3


In the summer of 2013, two musicians Harevis (Tomasz Czyba) and Odin (Goran Dimitrijevski) had the honor and pleasure to play at the Heart and Mind festival, where great guests were present – representatives of the Mayan elders from Guatemala. After meeting Shuni Giron and Tata Pedro Cruz, a musical project inspired by the vision of the Indian was born. Tata Pedro Cruz is one of the few surviving members of the Mayan elders of Tz’utujil (pronounced tzutuhil) from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Member of the Guatemalan Council of the Mayan Elders and Ambassador of the World Peace for 2005. He is the Guardian of the Mayan Day Calendar Tz’utujil, which is a branch of the Mayan K’iche (read Kiche).


Inspired, Harevis and Odin began recording devoted to the twenty sacred days of the Mayan Calendar, twenty archetypal energies. The musicians worked on each song only on a suitable day, improvising using many of the world’s ethnic instruments. Each song was created as a result of meditating on the symbolism defining a given sacred day of the cycle. This music was created to help the listener connect with the energy that the day brings. The recordings were made in various environments and circumstances.

Life went on its course, part of the work fell on the period of holiday trips, they carried equipment everywhere. The album features songs created in the woods, on top of a mountain, in a city park in the middle of the night …

After the recordings were finished, all works on the songs were conducted in accordance with a cycle of twenty days – one song per day.

At the moment we are going out into the world with what has been the light of our personal everyday life. Sharing with you what we have created with such commitment will really give meaning to our work, because music needs listeners to become alive and magical.

We chose over 2.5 hours of music that fit on 2 CDs. That’s not all! The album opens and closes original songs in Tz’utujil sung by Tata Pedro Cruz!

The Mayan knowledge contains a message about our origin, our gifts and challenges, and our life purpose.

To understand this, it uses the knowledge of the energy of the day the person was born. The music on the album illustrates the energy of the days and helps to connect with them, and the book explains how to understand predispositions and fate. The project is called “Maltiox” (pronounced Maltyosh), which means in the Mayan language of the tradition of K’iché – “Thank you”.

“Album Maltiox is a shamanic vision, Mayan wisdom, Aboriginal dream, Slavic soul, Arab passion, bushman’s smile, Tibetan echo, elven song … all this together. The music was played in the breath. It is spontaneous, flows straight from the heart. The sounds are combined with the energy of a particular day and time, with the influence of planets and stars. Deeply immersed in the environment of nature. It represents the cycle of life and death, day and night, four directions of the world and its center. “