Album Harevis – “The Four Shamans” MP3


The album “The Four Shamans” is the result of learning and experiencing the shamanic path, trainings, rituals and ceremonies from various native traditions of the Americas. It was created in dedication to peace on our beautiful Mother Earth and for four directions.


Track list:

Rebirth – 6:51
Ancestors – 7:10
Colibri – 8:15
Dance of the snake – 8:59
The Four Shamans – 7:27
Primal breath – 8:06
Otorongo – Jaguar – 7:42
Medicine Woman – 4:55
Nani Nani – 5:04
Extraterrestrial – 4:24
Purification – 10:22

Total time: 79:15

“The Four Shamans” is full of ethnic instruments from around the world and voices. However, the shamanic style was strictly preserved, which means that we will only hear instruments that we would really hear in the jungle. Despite my passion for creating compositions also composed of guitars and electronic instruments, I stayed only with “natural-shamanic” sounds.

Each song has its own special meaning and story to tell. The listener will pick it up in his own way and I will share a short story about the songs in the upcoming interview.

The music of the “Four Shamans” can be used for meditation, personal practice, creating a mood, ceremony, etc. It is exempt from fees for public playing, so it can be used in massage salons, during classes, festivals, etc.

This is a very important album for me personally, which I started to create at the beginning of 2015. The recordings were interrupted by a car accident in April on the way to a concert tour of Serbia. I owe my recovery to shamanic practices and it had a strong impact on the creation of this music.

It is a vision that has been in my heart for a long time and I am very pleased that I “managed” to release it this year (2015).