DANCING BLUE DEER – Ascension Keys – MP3


Music album by the artist Pablo J – DANCING BLUE DEER from Austria.
Amazing voice, fabulous guitar, percussion, uplifgting lyrics and mystical mood
Highly recommended by the Harevis Music team!


How the elders of the
sacred traditions of this world
shared with us so appropriately
we create our own heavens and hell,
we have never left paradise, so to speak.
Where does everything begin,
where does everything end?
šŸ¢Inside ourselvesā˜Æļø
I am delighted to invite you on a journey inside
with āœØ”Ascension Keys”āœØ
to the part of you that was neither born nor will die.
There is something there that is neither name,
nationality, thought, nor body.
In this state we are all connected
“Todo somos uno la luz del grand sol central.”
šŸ™Blessings on your journey to ascensionšŸ™Œ
released April 25, 2020y

1. El Camino Blanco 03:10
2. Arise I am that I am (Imagine) 07:00
3. Unconditional Love 01:59
4. You are not the doer 03:55
5. Seqouia 01:52
6. Ser Sagrado 03:18
7. The Violet Flame 01:08
8. Single Light Photon 01:44
9. 9 QĀ“anil 03:23
10. Dancing Blue Deer 02:43
11. Trust 05:46
12. Canta con Dios 03:26
13. Hidden Sacred Track 05:20

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